FA 60 007 00 – 20m Horizontal Temporary Lifeline

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  • Can be used by up to 2 people. Secures an operator throughout his travels. Steel ratchet to put the system into tension after adjusting the required length.
  • Provided with an inseparable bag for storing excess strap in use, then keep the system in his bag after use.
  • Length: 2 mtr to 20 mtr.
  • Deflection: 0.8 mtr to 3.2 mtr.
  • Webbing Width: 30mm.
  • Resistance: 18 kN.
  • Minimum Breaking Strength: 23 kN.
  • Conformity: PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 Annex II using BS EN 795 Type C, TS 16415 Type C.
  • Material: Webbing: Polyester / Fittings: Steel 74x40

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