FA 20 402 15B – 15m Helixon Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block

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Helixon 215x70
  • 15m (FA 20 402 15).
  • High impact resistant polymer casing. x2 Swivel rotations. Smaller and lighter design.
  • Horizontal and vertical use approved.
  • Complete with swivel snap hook with load indicator at attachment end and karabiner at anchorage end.
  • Equipped with a carrying handle, wire rope brush and a window on the casing which allows easy access for inspection. Delivered with a guide rope for guiding the winding back of the wire rope.
  • Wire: 4.8mm dia.
  • Resistance: 12 kN.
  • Max Weight: 140 KG.
  • Conformity: BS EN 360 + ATEX Directive.
  • Material: Casing: Polymer / Fittings: Steel 74x40 / Wire: Steel 74x40

User Instruction Manual

FA 20 402 15B Declaration of Conformity

Inspection Guide