FA 20 504 03 – 3.5m Helixon-S Retractable Webbing Fall Arrest Block

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Helixon S 215x51
  • 3.5m (FA 20 504 03).
  • High impact resistant polymer casing. x2 Swivel rotations. Smaller and lighter design.
  • Horizontal and vertical use approved.
  • Complete with swivel snap hook with load indicator at attachment end and karabiner at anchorage end.
  • Equipped with a carrying handle, wire rope brush and a window on the casing which allows easy access for inspection. Delivered with a guide rope for guiding the winding back of the wire rope.
  • Webbing Width: 25mm.
  • Resistance: 15 kN.
  • Max Weight: 140 KG.
  • Conformity: BS EN 360.
  • Material: Casing: Polymer / Fittings: Steel 74x40 / Webbing: Polyester.
  • Product Update 2020: New external shock absorber approved for vertical and horizontal use at 140 KG max.



User Instruction Manual

FA 20 504 03 Declaration of Conformity

Satra Examination Certificate

Product Specification Sheet

Inspection Guide