FA 70 201 XX – 20m/40m Lift Res-Q

Left Res Q 215x68
Steel 74x40
Alu 74x51
  • 20m (FA 70 201 20).
  • 40m (FA 70 201 40).
  • This unique device is an ideal piece of equipment for use in rescue and retrieval thanks to the integrated rescue winch. Designed in high strength Aluminium alloy. Both termination ends of the rope are provided with textile loops for connections with hooks. Complete with transport bag.
    Modes: Only Clockwise descent of rope. / Only Anti-clockwise descent of rope. / Both Clockwise and Anti-clockwise descent of rope / Rescue hoisting function thanks to the wheel with self-blocking ascending feature.
  • Rope Size: 9.6mm dia kernmantle rope.
  • Length: 20 mtr.
  • Max Descent Speed: 0.8m/s (Max. 225 KG).
  • Max Descent: 300m.
  • Conformity: EN341 Class 1A, EN1496 Class B.
  • Material: Aluminium & Alloy Steel / Rope: Polyamide.

Safety Information