KS 9000 – Fall Arrest System

Steel 74x40
Alu 74x51
  • This vertical fall arrest system is an integrated fall arrest solution consisting of galvanised steel ladder rungs over which is fixed a vertical aluminium rail. It also includes a stainless steel guided-type fall arrest trolley. In the absence of a fixed ladder on the anchorage structure, it allows the operator to climb up and down without having to perform any kind of manipulation.
  • KS9000 System is composed of the following elements:
  • FA 20 701 00: Curved Aluminium top extension: 1,50 mtrs.
  • FA 20 702 00: Aluminium intermediate rail: 3 mtrs.
  • FA 20 700 00: Vertical stainless steel trolley with brass wheels, equipped with a unidirectional locking system.
  • FA 50 101 17: Steel screw-locking karabiner, opening: 17 mm.
  • FA 20 706 00: Rung clamps.
  • FA 20 704 00: Junction.
  • FA 20 703 00: Aluminium rail extremity: 3 mtrs.
  • FA 20 707 00: Ladder rung assembly.
  • FA 20 708 00: Mounting nut.
  • Conformity: BS EN 353-1.

User Instruction Manual

KS9000 Declaration of Conformity

Satra Examination Certificate

ATEX Certificate

The curved top extension, to be installed at the top of the rail, over the working platform, allows the user to be connected with the trolley even at the ladder top termination, ensuring complete safety.

The top extension and the rail extremity come with a spring lock, which prevents the trolley from accidentally moving out of the rail.

The trolley and the rail extremity are equipped with a non-inverting system, which avoids installing the trolley upside down.