GT Hand Pallet Truck – GTPT

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  • Efficient, economic and easy to operate. Their heavy duty hydraulic pumps enable continuous and reliable use in the most difficult of conditions.
  • Orange painted finish.
  • Conforms to BS EN 16307-5 and ISO 3691-7.
  • BFE Type has specially tapered forks.
  • Triangle handle without rubber.
  • Double nylon wheel type for extra reliability.
  • Fitted with entry roller and foot release.
  • Three position control handle.
  • Marked in accordance with BS EN 16307-5.
  • Certification available  
    • 2.1
    • DoC

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Technical Specifications/Dimensions

Product CodePart No.CapacityMin Fork HeightWidth Over ForksFork LengthFork WidthFork Thickness
PTBFE25BF25 (550ND)2,5007555011501603
PTBFE30BF30 (550ND)3,0007555011501603.75
PTPWH25PWH25-II (BF)2,5008555012201603
PTPWH30PWH30-II (BF)3,0008555012201603.75
PTPWH35PWH35-II (BF)3,5007555011501604
PTACE50X550ACE50 (550ND)5,0008055011501805
PTACE50X685ACE50 (685ND)5,0008068512201805
Product CodeCapacityPump TypeLifting HeightMax Fork Lifting HeightSteering Wheel SizeLoading Double Wheel SizeWeight
PTBFE252,500BFE115190180*5074 x 7065
PTBFE303,000BFE115190180*5074 x 7070
PTPWH252,500BF115200200*5074 x 9368
PTPWH303,000BF115200200*5074 x 9380
PTPWH353,500BF115195180*5074 x 7090
PTACE50X5505,000Integrated115200178*5280 x 66113
PTACE50X6855,000Integrated115200178*5280 x 66130