FA 30 305 XX – 1m/1.5m/1.8m Flame Resistant Shock Absorbing Webbing Lanyard

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  • 1m (FA 30 305 10).
  • 1.5m (FA 30 305 15).
  • 2m (FA 30 305 20).
  • Non fire polyamide fabric shock absorber covered in special tubular sleeve.
  • Flame resistant webbing can withstand flame up to 371°C without any damage.
  • Fitted with karabiner and scaffold hook.
  • Webbing Width: 45mm.
  • Shock Absorber Width: 45mm.
    Max User Weight: 100 KG.
    Conformity: BS EN 355, ISO 9150, ISO 15025.
    Material: Webbing: Aramid / Fittings: Steel 74x40

    Safety Information

    Sparks, molten metal splashes & grinding can quickly damage polyamide or polyester typically used in the construction of standard harnesses, lanyards and shock absorbers. Our complete Fire Free range includes anchorage lanyards, fall arrest systems, lanyards, harness; designed with specific webbing. It provides comprehensive protection to users working at height in this particular type of environment. The straps of this range were tested in static resistance after exposures to splashes of molten metal. The webbing can withstand temperatures up to 371°C without any damage.