FA 30 403 15 – 1.5m ATEX Shock Absorbing Webbing Lanyard

Kratos Logo Web 215x94
Atex 215x132
  • Anti static webbing for safe use in explosive environments.
  • Fitted with karabiner and scaffold hooks.
  • Length: 1.5 mtr.
  • Webbing Width: 45mm.
  • Shock Absorber Width: 45mm.
  • Max User Weight: 100 KG.
  • Conformity: BS EN 355, ATEX Directive, EN 1149-1, ISO 80079-36, ISO 80079-37 + VG 11.063
  • Material: Webbing: Polyester / Fittings: Alu 74x51


Safety Information

In Atex hazardous areas (Potentially Explosive Atmospheres), a spark from mechanical, electric, electrostatic origin etc, may ignite an inflammable gas or

vapour or mist mixture and an explosion may occur.

Hence the importance of risk assessment. If this assessment reveals that wearing protective equipment against fall from heights is necessary in ATEX area,

they must be in accordance with Atex Directive 94/9/EC.

Our entire range can be used in zone 1, it conforms to Atex Directive 94/9/EC, and standards EN13463-1:2001 and EN13463-5:2003.

The webbing is also tested in accordance with EN 1149-1:20096.