Grade 10 Cartec Single Base Weld-on Lifting Ring – 830X – G10SBLIR

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  • Grade 10 high resistant alloy steel.
  • Black painted finish.
  • Minimum breaking load is 4 times the W.L.L.
  • Bracket must be aligned to the pulling direction (tolerance allowed +/- 10º).
  • Marked with CE, W.L.L, material grade, manufacturers ID, product ID mark and traceability code.
  • Full CAD support available upon request.
  • In particular applications the capacity which has to be used must be determined by the pulling inclination angle following the formula below.
  • Certification available  
    • 2.1
    • DoC

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G10sblir Grade 10 Cartec Single Base Weld On Lifting Ring 830x Info

Technical Specifications/Dimensions

Product CodeProduct CodeW.L.L.ABCDEFGHWelding ThicknessWeight
  tmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmHV + Δakgs
G10SBLIR1.5G10SBLIR1.5S1.51465382566163179HC 5+30.39
G10SBLIR2.5G10SBLIR2.5S2.516754527771834.591HV 7+30.59
G10SBLIR4G10SBLIR4S418845132872040102HV 8+30.87
G10SBLIR6.7G10SBLIR6.7S6.72411767.3441152658.5141HV 12+42.23
G10SBLIR10G10SBLIR10S1031126675512928.570.5157HV 16+43.33
G10SBLIR16G10SBLIR16S1645174100691904287219HV 25+69.2