Rectangular Base Deckplate – DP

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  • High tensile steel.
  • Self colour finish.
  • Based upon the Admiralty Pattern.
  • W.L.L. is subject to correct welding procedures being carried out.
  • Marked with CE, size, traceability code and proof load.
  • Certification available  
    • 2.1
    • 2.2

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Technical Specifications/Dimensions

Product CodePart No.ABCDEFP.L.Weight
DP1040143/8″ (10mm)20254563820.14
DP1240151/2″ (12.5mm)2535608503.50.31
DP1640165/8″ (16mm)32457010645.50.45
DP1940173/4″ (19mm)38508512767.50.79
DP2240187/8″ (22mm)446110212889.61.36
DP2540191″ (25mm)507011516100131.82
DP2840201.1/8″ (28mm)56761301811415.752.95
DP3240211.1/4″ (32mm)648514519128203.86
DP3840231.1/2″ (38mm)7610017022152296.58
DP4440251.3/4″ (44mm)89121200271783918
DP5040272″ (50mm)102137229302035025