Lock Nut Cylinder – TLN Series

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  • Maximum Pressure: 700 Bar.
  • Hydraulic Coupler: TBC 381F(PT3/8).
  • Orange painted finish.
  • Cylinders are load return and spring return.
  • Often used in the building industry to support a bridge during construction.
  • Marked with CE, capacity, manufacturers ID, product ID mark and traceability code.
  • Certification available  
    • 2.1
    • DoC

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Technical Specifications/Dimensions

Product CodeCyl. Cap.StrokeCyl. Effective AreaOil Cap.Retracted HeightExtended HeightCyl. Out Dia.Cyl. Bore Dia.Base to Inlet PortWeightPump
 tmmcm2ccA mmB mmC mmD mmE mmkgs 
TLN302003020044.18833655651027535231C or 17
TLN502005020070.814183855851279540381C or 17
TLN150230150230213.84918537767225165601641C or 17
TLN200230200230283.56521552782255190652241C or 17