Shorty Cylinder – TSSC Series

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  • Maximum Pressure: 700 Bar.
  • Hydraulic Coupler: TBC 381F(PT3/8).
  • Orange painted finish.
  • Compact, flat design for use where other cylinders will not fit.
  • Marked with CE, capacity, manufacturers ID, product ID mark and traceability code.
  • Certification available  
    • 2.1
    • DoC

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Technical Specifications/Dimensions

Product CodeCyl. Cap.StrokeCyl. Effective AreaOil Cap.Retracted HeightExtended HeightCyl. Out Dia.Cyl. Bore Dia.Piston Rod Dia.Base to inlet portWeightPump
 tmmcm2ccA mmB mmC mmD mmE mmH mmkgs 
TSSC1044104415.26699143684438172.61B or 08
TSSC2044204428.312499143886051174.31B or 08
TSSC3044304444.2194991431057564176.21B or 08
TSSC5050505063.631810915912590751910.21B or 08
TSSC1005010050132.766313918916513010027211C or 17
TSSC150501505020110051702202081601353341.11C or 17
TSSC2005020050283.514171802302451901703860.31C or 17