Single Acting Hollow Centre Cylinder – TCH Series

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  • Maximum Pressure: 700 Bar.
  • Hydraulic Coupler: TBC 381F(PT3/8).
  • Orange painted finish.
  • Designed for use with screws, rods, cables & pullers.
  • Marked with CE, capacity, manufacturers ID, product ID mark and traceability code.
  • Certification available  
    • 2.1
    • DoC

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Technical Specifications/Dimensions

Product CodeCyl. Cap.StrokeCyl. Effective AreaOil Cap.Retracted HeightExtended HeightCyl. Out Dia.Centre Hole Dia.Collar ThreadCollar Thread LengthBase to Inlet PortWeightPump
 tmmcm2ccA mmB mmC mmD mmEF mmG mmkgs 
TCH1041104117.670.51211627020252.81B or 08
TCH2050205031.67158.416221298271 9/1624207.61B or 08
 TCH3063306347.7300.617924211533M48xP1.5202110.91B or 08
TCH5075507587.4665624932415854M70xP2283027.21C or 17
TCH1007510075143.131,04925432921680M103xP2283552.51C or 17