Rossendale Group Magnet Lifting Beam Design Manufacture Installation Steel

Magnet lifting beam for British Steel

5 May 2022

Project Details

Scunthorpe – SRSM
British Steel


The brief, from British Steel, was to design a magnet handling system suitable for handling hot billets, 155mm x 155mm x 21.5M Long, weighing 4.1te. The beam had to be capable of working on 4 different cranes. The working parameters included:

  • Crane Capacity: 15te
  • Billet Temp: 305º C
  • Billet Weight: 4.1te
  • Operating Cycle: 205 lifts/8hr shift


Rossendale Group has experience of providing lifting and handling solutions in all areas of the steel manufacturing process, from primary/secondary steelmaking to mills finishing, plate, sections, rail, rod, etc. In this instance, our solution comprised:

  • The design and manufacture of a fabricated magnet lifting beam utilising conventional electromagnets, with additional plate hooks to allow lifting using chains.
  • The design of a magnet control panel, capable of integration into the existing crane control system.
  • The design of a battery backup system, to provide 20 minutes of power in the event of a complete supply failure.
  • Supply and installation of suitable reeling drums and cables.
  • Supply and Installation of all new wiring.

The Rossendale Group service included:

  • Site surveys, consultations and measuring.
  • Concept design,
  • ISO9001 controlled design and manufacturing.
  • Site installations including RAMS, crane plans, safety management and qualified engineers.
  • Site proof load testing by LEEA qualified engineers.
  • Certification including Declaration of Conformity, LOLER Reports of Thorough Examination before first use.
  • The Rossendale Group Certification portal, available free to the client, providing access to the full history of the lifting equipment’s certification.
  • Lifetime records.


The full range of equipment was installed and commissioned ahead of time and continues to work daily to service the billet handling requirements within SRSM.

Rossendale Group Magnet Lifting Beam Design Manufacture Installation

Rossendale Group solved every problem we threw at them. We know that we can rely on them to install lifting equipment that does the job and lasts in the environment.”

Ian Blackburn | Project Engineer, British Steel