Rossendale Group Design Manufacture H Lifting Beam Shackles Nuclear

Specialised lifting beam with significant quality management for the nuclear industry

4 May 2022

Project Details

Sellafield, Cumbria
British Nuclear Group


British Nuclear Fuels had manufactured a machine with a static mass of 21 tonnes which was to be lifted into a fuel rod storage pond as part of the decommissioning process. Safety is always critical in lifting design, manufacture and operations, but this project was governed by nuclear industry standards, where quality management, design scrutiny and safety testing were all enhanced.  


Rossendale Group offered a full, design, manufacture, testing, project management and record-keeping service to fulfil BNG’s requirements. The service included:

  • Design concept of an ‘H’ type lifting beam with associated chains and shackles.
  • Full design calculations to appropriate EN standards and BNG nuclear specifications.
  • Finite element analysis of the proposed lifting structure.
  • General arrangement and manufacturing drawings.
  • A quality plan with agreed inspection and hold points.
  • EN 10202 Type 3.1 certification and traceability of all materials used.
  • BS EN ISO 15614‐1 WPS, WPQR and WQTC welding processes, qualifications and records.
  • 100% MPI and ultrasonic NDE of welds.
  • Factory proof load testing to 3 x SWL, including third-party witness and certification.
  • Issue of a Declaration of Conformity.
  • BNG site testing by controlled lift of the client’s machine.
  • Lifetime records.


The lifting beam went into service to carry out the required lift on time and in a safe manner.

Rossendale Group Design Manufacture H Lifting Beam Nuclear

We are grateful to Rossendale Group for their cooperation on this project. Their professionalism and understanding of our requirements eased the process and gave us peace of mind when we carried out the safety-critical lift.

John Thompson | Project Engineer, BNG