Rossendale Group Fleetwod Water Treatment Workds

Overhead crane at Fleetwood Water Treatment Works

2 March 2022

Project Details

Fleetwood, Lancashire
United Utilities


Overhead cranes with both goods lifting and man riding capabilities are complex pieces of equipment that require careful design and manufacture. We were commissioned by United Utilities to design such a crane.


We manufactured and installed a crane with a 6.3t true vertical lift goods lifting capacity with auxiliary hoisting equipment for lowering a 2-man cage into a 40m deep well. The man riding equipment is fitted with a Tirak hoist, Blocstop and large capacity cable reelers to ensure all cables are kept in tension during descent and ascent of the man riding cage.


The job was complicated by space constraints and difficulties associated with keeping people safe while lifting them into a 40m deep well. Despite specification changes the job was completed on time and on budget.

Rossendale Group Fleetwod Water Treatment Workds

Rossendale Group had the design and manufacturing capabilities combined with the technical knowledge to support us on this complex lifting arrangement. This included vertical lifts of 36m for 6.3t materials and separate 2-man lifting cage with associated safety features, all in a DSEAR zone 2.”

Neil Campbell | Senior Project Manager, C2V Plus