Rossendale Group Immingham Docks

Repair of 50 tonne loading crane at Immingham Docks

2 March 2022

Project Details

Immingham, Lincolnshire
Associated British Ports


We were contracted to repair the 50 tonne coal dumping crane at Immingham Docks. The internal pin, a seven inch solid slug of steel, had seized in place after forty years of use in the highly exposed salt-air environment.


The repair involved the removal of 880mm dia sheaves, positioned at the very tip of the boom of the dumper crane, 60m above sea level. Our team of engineers used heat to expand the sheaves, working in shifts to maintain constant work on the equipment.


High winds caused the 4-man team to stand down at times, but the job was completed after 5 days of 24-hour working.

Repair of 50 tonne loading crane at Immingham Docks

It is the ability to do this sort of job and the people we have to do it, that makes Rossendale Group an exceptional company.”

Simon Bamford | Rossendale Group, Managing Director