Rossendale Group Inpsection Testing Height Safety Equipment Fall Arrest Blocks After

Service, examination and testing of fall-arrest equipment for Polypipe

3 May 2022

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Lives depend upon the correct functioning of fall-arrest blocks. Manufacturing facilities can be aggressive environments that can adversely affect the workings of mechanical equipment. Routine and very thorough maintenance, backed by skilled inspection and testing and training of users is essential to ensure the safety of people working at height.


Rossendale Group offers full fall-arrest equipment maintenance, repair, testing and certification service. Engineers are appropriately qualified by the various fall-arrest equipment manufacturers. The Rossendale Group Certification digital app, makes the reports instantly available, on any site, at any time.  

The equipment certification service is complemented by the Rossendale Group ‘Working at Height’ training courses, which help construction firms to satisfy their training requirements under The Health & Safety at Work Act, 1974, The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regs, 1999, The Provision and Use of work Equipment Regs 1998 and the various BS EN ISO standards associated with fall-arrest equipment.  


The ‘Before’ and ‘After’ results, both in the quality of the equipment and the knowledge of the trained users was clear. The manufacturing sites were demonstrably safer in respect to working at height.

Rossendale Group Training Certificate Working At Height
Working at Height Training Certificate
Rossendale Group Inpsection Testing Height Safety Equipment Fall Arrest Blocks Before
Before our service
Rossendale Group Inpsection Testing Height Safety Equipment Fall Arrest Blocks After
After our service

Employee safety has our first priority. We have some challenging work situations at our manufacturing plants, involving necessary working at height. Careful planning of this work, along with the equipment, certification and training services provided by Rossendale Group, gives our employees the safe workplace they deserve.”

Amanda Jameson | Polypipe Ltd.

Our customers want Rossendale Group to provide certainty with their safety compliance. That is why we offer a full range of services, including maintenance, inspection, testing and training. The customer can come to Rossendale Group and be sure there are no gaps in their compliance in respect to lifting and height safety operations and equipment.”

Simon Bamford | Managing Director, Rossendale Group Ltd.