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Service & inspection of offshore wind turbine davit cranes at Gwynt y Môr

3 May 2022

Project Details

Gwynt y Môr
Balfour Beatty


Every offshore wind turbine has a tool and equipment hoist davit. This davit with its associated rope and hook requires thorough examination under LOLER every 12 months. The offshore environment requires particular procedures, training and safety management. In order to manage costs and to keep the equipment working, maintenance is required as part of the examination service.


We have the competence, qualifications and experience to provide this offshore examination service which includes:

  • Visual inspection of the structure of the davit crane
  • Testing of all limits
  • Testing of all emergency stop devices
  • Testing of all the operations of the davit crane
  • Testing of all control functions
  • Visual inspection of the load rope and guides
  • Visual inspection of the load hook and safety catch

The engineers are also competent service technicians and take on the following maintenance work as required, as part of the examination contract:

  • Replace inverter
  • Replace fuses
  • Replace motor
  • Replace junction box
  • Replace load rope
  • Reset limit switches
  • Replace sheaves
  • Replace encoder
  • Replace slew stop

Specific personnel and management features of this offshore examination work include:

  • Trained engineer availability on-call to meet long working day, boat transfer and weather deadlines.
  • LEEA and GWO/WINDA qualified inspection engineers.
  • Radio communications for the engineers.
  • ISO9001 controlled inspection procedures and certification.
  • Offshore work management including RAMS, PPE and safety management.
  • Certification including Declaration of Conformity, LOLER Reports of Thorough Examination.
  • The Rossendale Group Certification portal, available free to the client, providing access to the full history of the lifting equipment’s certification.


The davit examinations were completed on time, with maintenance and repairs being completed on-the-job to avoid further costly offshore visits and downtime. The job was managed to all required health and safety requirements and certificates were issued immediately following the inspections.

The offshore inspection and service team at Rossendale Group conducted themselves with the highest competence and regard for safety”