Rossendale Group Wigis Bridge

Levelling & load measuring system for Wigis Bridge, Manchester Ship Canal

2 March 2022

Project Details

Barton upon Irwell, Greater Manchester
Manchester Ship Canal Company


The modern draw bridge over the Ship Canal at Barton, Manchester is lifted by four heavy-duty column mounted winches. Our team was consulted by the bridge operator to design a new levelling and load measuring system for the winch wires.


Our newly designed system was approved and installed, including a complete rope replacement, new purpose designed and manufactured levelling turnbuckles and new wireless load-measuring pins.


Installations were completed on time, with up to 10 engineers working around planned road closures.

Rossendale Group Wigis Bridge

The original bridge, designed and installed by others, had suffered a catastrophic failure due to the absence of a load-levelling and load monitoring system of the four winch wires. Adding these safety features to an existing design was a challenge but the facility we have at Rossendale Group, including a technical design office, fabrications and machine shop and skilled installation and test engineers, made it a job we could cope with.”

Jason Siner | Technical Sales Manager, Rossendale Group