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Proof load testing of lifting equipment

Applications of proof loads with associated examinations, strain and deflection measurements by competent, LEEA qualified engineers give you the assurance of LOLER regulations compliance, a safe workplace and product conformity

Rossendale Group Inspection Testing Proof Load Test

Who is this service for?

Manufacturers, installers, employers and operators of lifting equipment and other load-bearing structures

LOLER, PUWER, the Machinery Regulations, buyer specifications and equipment standards require that lifting equipment is proof load tested and certified before first use.

The proof load test is specific to each piece of equipment and will generally involve the application of a load in excess of the safe working load (SWL) and a thorough examination of the equipment and its operation. 

Rossendale Group provides LEEA qualified competent test engineers who can examine, test and certify your lifting equipment and other load-bearing structures.

We offer proof load tests on:

Rossendale Group Inpsection Testing Height Safety Equipment Lanyards
Lifting tackle & machines
Rossendale Group Inspection Testing Proof Load Test Overhead Cranes Hoists
Overhead cranes & hoists
Rossendale Group Inpsection Testing Overhead Cranes Overhead Runway Beams
Overhead runway beams
Rossendale Group Design Manufacture Installation Fleetwood Water Jib Crane Power Slewing
Jib cranes
Rossendale Group Inspection Testing Proof Load Test Lifting Spreader Beams
Lifting beams, spreader beams & lifting frames
Rossendale Group Inspection Testing Proof Load Test Load Bearing Structure
Load-bearing structures

Why Rossendale Group?

Over 70 years of testing and inspection experience

LEEA qualified inspection engineers

Our qualified, competent inspection engineers carry out your equipment examinations and tests. With our many years of in-depth experience and understanding of lifting operations and lifting equipment, we know what is safe and what is not. Our advice to LOLER customers is always free of charge.

Certification compliant with LOLER Regulations

Our qualified, competent inspection engineers will complete the reports, which are immediately available online. By using our services, you will be LOLER compliant.

Labelled with Safe Working Load

Part of the certification process involves ensuring that correct SWL, ID marks and other labelling such as CE/UKCA are in place. 

Accredited and insured services

Our proof load testing services are ISO9001:2015 and LEEA accredited and covered by professional indemnity, public & product liability insurances.

Onsite and offsite testing

This service is offered at all UK locations or at our test centres. Overseas test witnessing and certification is also available.


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Contact us today to book a proof load test. We can arrange service from the same day to any date to suit your schedule.


Listen & Advice

We discuss your needs regarding test methods, Safe Working Load, design loads and proof loads to produce a test procedure. For site load tests we discuss site risks and access requirements and produce appropriate risk assessments and method statements.



Our qualified, competent test engineers carry out the equipment tests. Our testing equipment includes test machines and test weights, loadcells calibrated to national standards, rams with calibrated gauges for hydraulic applied loads, lifting equipment, slings and transport.



For every item tested, a Report of Thorough Examination and Test and/or Test Certificate and any necessary Defect Reports are issued immediately by email to your contact. All reports can be accessed in your RG Certification Portal

Certification portal

Easily manage your records

Our online RG Certification Portal is a free facility for all customers and allows you to:

  • Access your LOLER compliant Reports, Defect Reports, UKCA and EU Declarations of Conformity and other documents and management tools.
  • View, print and manage certificates.
  • See and manage the examination status of items.
  • Hold records to comply with LOLER.
  • Access them free of charge from anywhere at any time.
Learn about our RG Certification Portal
Rossendale Group Inspection Testing Certification Portal Proof Load Test
Rossendale Group Inspection Testing Rg Certification Portal Report Certificate Proof Load Test

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Our highly experienced and qualified team of engineers and technical support teams are able to provide advice, support, and guidance on how to comply with LOLER and support your testing requirements.

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