Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair

Our LEEA qualified maintenance, repair and inspection engineers will help you keep your lifting equipment properly maintained and your workplace safe

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Who is this service for?

Owners and operators of lifting equipment

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) puts a statutory duty on owners and operators of lifting equipment to maintain the equipment in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair.

We provide LEEA qualified competent maintenance, repair and inspection engineers who can help you keep your lifting equipment properly maintained and your workplace safe.

Maintenance of lifting equipment is usually followed by a thorough examination and certification under The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER), giving customers further compliance and workplace safety.

Equipment we can inspect and test

Rossendale Group Inspecting Testing Lifting Equipment
Lifting Equipment
Rossendale Group Inspection Testing Lifting Equipment Shackles Tackles Store
Lifting Tackle and stores
Rossendale Group Inspecting Testing Lifting Equipment Overhead Crane
Overhead Cranes
Rossendale Group Inspecting Testing Lifting Equipment Hoists Runway Beams
Hoists & runway beams
Rossendale Group Inspecting Lifting Equipment Slings
Rossendale Group Inpsection Testing Height Safety Equipment Lanyards
Lifting tackle and machines

Why Rossendale Group?

The assurance of PUWER and LOLER compliance and a safe workplace

LEEA qualified maintenance engineers

Our qualified, competent maintenance engineers carry out the equipment repair and maintenance work. We have many years of in-depth experience and understanding of lifting equipment maintenance, service and repair. We know what is safe and what is not.

On your site or in our workshop, breakdown or planned

We have a site service team ready to carry out planned or breakdown repair and maintenance work on your site. The team carries spares for many types of overhead lifting equipment and lifting tackle. In our workshops we have repair benches with a large spares stock and post-repair testing facilities.

LOLER compliant certification

Following maintenance, service and repair work our qualified, competent inspection engineers will complete a LOLER thorough examination. The reports are immediately available online. By using our services, you will be LOLER compliant. 

Colour code and barcoded tagging

We offer a choice of tagging to best fit your needs, each identifying the date the next examination is due. 

Accredited and insured services

Our LOLER services are ISO9001:2015 and LEEA accredited and covered by professional indemnity, public and product liability insurances. 

Beyond economic repair items

Beyond economic repair items are tagged and quarantined as agreed. We offer a full quotation for replacement service.

Full service and maintenance contracts

We also offer full service, repair and maintenance contracts.

Notifications when your maintenance inspections are due

We will proactively keep you updated when your inspections are due. 


Lifting equipment maintenance and repair simplified


Book in

Contact us today to book a lifting equipment maintenance or repair. We can arrange service from same day to any date to suit your schedule.


Site or workshop visit

We visit your site or collect the equipment on our transport, as agreed.



Our qualified, competent maintenance and repair engineers carry out the work. 



For every item examined, a Report of Thorough Examination and any necessary Defect Report is issued immediately by email to your contact. All reports can be accessed in your RG Certification Portal. 



We contact you when your future maintenance and inspections are due. 

Certification portal

Easily manage your records

Our online RG Certification Portal is a free facility for all customers and allows you to:

  • Access your LOLER compliant Reports, Defect Reports, UKCA and EU Declarations of Conformity and other documents and management tools.
  • View, print and manage certificates.
  • See and manage the examination status of items.
  • Hold records to comply with LOLER.
  • Access them free of charge from anywhere at any time.
Learn about our RG Certification Portal
Rossendale Group Inspection Testing Certification Portal 1
Rossendale Group Inspection Testing Certification Portal Report Certificate

Get in touch

Speak to one of our inspection experts

Our highly experienced and qualified team of engineers and technical support teams are able to provide advice, support, and guidance on how to comply with LOLER and support your testing requirements.

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